Friday, 9 March 2012

Milly's operation outcome

Alex and Sam are hugely proud of how Milly has coped with her surgery. Immediately after the operation her Surgeon Jay seemed optimistic that he had managed to remove some of Milly's tumour and the family felt that this was a positive step forward.

Very sadly it transpired on an MRI scan yesterday that in fact the surgeon had not been able to remove the substance of the tumour. What he had removed was purely scar tissue resulting from a previous operation when Milly was 4 and her tumour size (despite the major operation) has remained unchanged.

Alex and Sam are now facing more bewildering decisions as to how to proceed to help Milly. There is an option of more surgery next week, but that is much more dangerous than her initial operation that she had on Wednesday.

Please join me in wishing them all the best love in all the world as they make decisions about Milly’s future.

Alex and Sam wanted to again say to everyone that the encouragement and love they have received from their friends and family are sustaining them and it is this love that is helping them at this really difficult time.

Love Linda

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  1. Thoughts and prayers are with you all xx, she is a lovely little girl and is always smiling x