Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Milly is much better and her operation is going ahead tomorrow - this is a little news update from Milly herself.

Hello this is Milly here, I have not had my operation yet because I was poorly. but I am better now. I am in in the special house that my mummy and Daddy are staying in by the hospital (home from home house provided by Clik Sargent). I did not get much sleep last night on the ward because the baby was crying and story story was on playing ALL night and my daddy was snoring. Mummy and Linda stayed the here in this house for the parents and they slept well and I do not think that is fair! (she laughed)

I have just eaten crumpets and later we are going to do some baking, some fairy cakes, chocolate ones. I am going to have a little sleep.

Love Milly

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