Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A huge thanks form the Adkins family

Janet Walker Smith called in this week from the National Childrens Tumours, Leukaemia, Cancer Trust (NC TLC) and has facilitated (with their Family Liaison Worker Denise WIlliams) a short break in East Sussex for the Adkins family so they can have some quiet and fun time together before Milly's operation on the 5th March. There are some amazing people in this world, doing amazing things and Janet and Denise are some of them! thank you so much

Adkins family are having a few quiet days away thanks to the National Childrens Tumours, Leukaemia, Cancer Trust

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Milly had a wonderful day at school yesterday sharing her JLS memorabilia with all her class mates.  They all enjoyed Milly's excitement at this wonderful opportunity.

It was an amazing 2 days in London and again we extend our grateful thanks to Rays of Sunshine make a wish charity for making this all happen.

Alex and Sam have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity shown to them by all their friends and family.  Some really kind people have emailed us at helpingmilly@gmail.com with comforting words and for this they are truely grateful.  Lots of people are organising wonderful fund raising events - please keep your eye on the events page of this site to see what is being arranged and if you can come along and support us - we would love to see you.

Love Linda

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Milly's day out in London courtesy of Rays of Sunshine children's charity

An amazing day - you can just see Milly's face as she rides in the Limo to see all these London attractions, she said on a number of occasions: this is the best day of my life! and tomorrow it is going to get better when she mets JLS.

For images please visit:  www.helping-milly.co.uk/london.html

Thank you again for all your support


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thank you all so much

We have been so overwhelmed by the kindness of people today - the emails of support have meant so much to the Adkins Family. We are also especially grateful to the families who have contacted us who have been through a similar experience of having a poorly child and have offered empathy and practical advice, thank you so much.

So, tomorrow is a very special day for Milly as 'Rays of Sunshine' have made Milly's wish come true and she is heading down to London with her family to firstly have a day of treats and then on Thursday she is meeting her beloved pop stars JLS. We will post up pictures and keep you all informed.

Please if you feel able post the link of this site on Facebook and Twitter and lets try and make things a little easier for the wonderful Adkins Family.

Love Linda